Random Acts Of Kindness Week Celebration: February 14, 2023 (Day 2)


💘Happy Valentine's Day💘

Happy Random Acts Of Kindness Week! We are celebrating the week with daily giveaways of items from local Pueblo businesses leading up to our one-year anniversary on Friday, February 17 A.K.A. Random Acts Of Kindness Day! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to enter.  

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, and we are ready to shower our significant others with love and tokens of our affection. Anyone and everyone can be shown some love today. This day of love is celebrated in so many ways, it is always exciting to see what new traditions are included or created year after year. Whether it is elaborate engagements, intimate dinners for two, spending time with family, or the most recent variation 'Galentine's Day'.

Possible Activities For Today:

  1. Make Your Own Card

    Creating your own personalized card is not only a thoughtful sentiment but also the way it was done in the days of old. You can also add a heartfelt poem, whether you write this yourself, or borrow one from any of the iconic love writers such as Yeats, Browning, or Shakespeare.

  2. Plan A Proposal To Remember

    Take your love to the next stage and surprise them with a proposal. Create an experience for lasting memories you will share together, there is no better day than on the day of love! Depending on what is special for the both of you - plan a private meal or holiday, spell out a personal message in rose petals and candles, or visit the place you first met. Get your family and friends involved to share in this special moment and help plan your loved one's dream proposal.

  3. Create Lasting Memories

    Extend your Valentine's Day gift beyond February 14 by making a photo album of your time together. This can be time later spent going down memory lane, on a rainy day indoors, or anniversary. Include places you have explored together, nights out, and significant milestones in your relationship.

"There's no bad consequence to loving fully, with all your heart."
~ Reese Witherspoon

Song Of The Day: