Random Acts Of Kindness Week Celebration: February 15, 2023 (Day 3)


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Happy Random Acts Of Kindness Week! We are celebrating the week with daily giveaways of items from local Pueblo businesses leading up to our one-year anniversary on Friday, February 17 A.K.A. Random Acts Of Kindness Day! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to enter.

In our quest to show you content creators and businesses that want to promote good, we head to the RAK Foundation!

I had the recent opportunity to interview Brooke Jones, the Vice President of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

Today we're talking to her about her love of spreading joy and the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation's journey to make kindness the norm.

About Brooke:

Brooke wants to live in a world where people choose kindness over violence, compassion over cruelty, and action over indifference. She studied in Paris and holds a degree in art history. She also holds certifications in Applied Positive Psychology and Brene Brown's work, The Daring Way. She delivered a TEDx talk in 2017 where she shared her personal journey with mental illness. Outside of her time creating written content for the Foundation, she enjoys fiber crafting, creative writing and helping spread kindness in her local community with her teenage daughter. Brooke is in the process of writing a book for parents to help support them in creating and maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships with their children.

1. With every interview that we do, we always ask, "What is a random act of kindness you have read, seen, or experienced?"

  • "I watched a young woman in high heels race across the street to help an elderly man in a wheelchair. He was trying to make it to the bus stop before the bus left. She ran over and pushed him to the bus in time."

2. What is the RAK Foundation and what do you do?

  • "The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK) is a small nonprofit that invests time, expertise, and resources into its mission, Make Kindness the Norm. We are rooted in the belief that all people can connect through kindness and that kindness can be taught. Everything we offer is completely free of charge."

3. How does kindness impact the leadership in the organization?

  • "Kindness is at the core of what we put out into the world so it is a core value of everyone at the leadership level. We believe in creating a work environment that fosters creativity, vulnerability, caring, and courage."

4. How does the RAK Foundation help spread kindness to the world?

  • "We offer all kinds of free resources for those trying to spread kindness at home, in schools, and in their workplaces. We are in 154 countries and have millions of followers."

5. The RAK Foundation is based out of Colorado! What are some of your favorite things about Colorado?

  • "I love the diversity of nature and people in Colorado! There is so much to do and so many people from a huge variety of backgrounds. I love meeting people, trying new kinds of foods, visiting new areas of the state, and learning about the history."

6. Why is making the world a better place something you want to do?

  • "I see so much suffering in the world. It affects me deeply. I believe that one person can change the world with their actions. The effect of kindness is contagious and when we see that contagion spread it can be unstoppable!"

Thank you to Brooke from The RAK Foundation for answering the questions that I have asked her today!

You can view more about The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation's journey to make kindness the norm at randomactsofkindness.org

"Kindness is doing what you can, where you are, with what you have."

~ RAKtivist (Random Acts of Kindness Activist)

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