Today's Kindness #130: July 27, 2022


Love Is Kind

Today is National Love Is Kind Day!

National Love is Kind Day is the day to celebrate for all victims of domestic violence/domestic abuse and their freedom and independence from their abusers. Recognize our right to be treated with kindness. Because real love is kind, not terrorizing. Realize that kindness is the path to healthy and safer relationships, families, society, and the world. Give voice for hope and support to others who are still suffering, often in silence. Spread messages about how we can be kind to one another, especially to those closest to us. Remember that love is not abusive, violent, demeaning, or dehumanizing. If someone uses love as an excuse for their hurtful behavior, it's not real love.

National Love is Kind Day encourages you to become aware of how you are treating people, how people are treating you, and how you can become emboldened, supported, and empowered to lead the joyful and productive life you deserve. With improved and proper support, families can know and experience the freedom and love found in an abuse-free home. Children grow up with positive role models, and both adults and children lead more productive, happy, and mentally healthy lives.

The day is an opportunity to say "No to abuse, violence, and ridicule! And begin saying, "Yes, to kindness! And yes, to share my voice! Yes, I am worth it, and my life matters. Kindness rules!"

Stop the cycle of abuse and make a difference to create a kinder world.

"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver." 

- Barbara De Angelis

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