Today's Kindness #156: August 30, 2022



Happy National Frankenstein Day! This day celebrates the birthday of Mary Shelly, the author of "Frankenstein".

Published in 1818 by English author Mary Shelly, "Frankenstein" is considered one of the most important science fiction pieces ever written. It tells the tale of a young scientist named Victor Frankenstein who is fascinated with the creation of life. He conducts an experiment where, using a variety of human parts, he can bring life to a creature, which would later be known as 'the monster.' The story then follows Victor and the monster's tumultuous connection, as both seek the secret to peace and happiness.

The novel received mixed reviews at the time of publication. As a female writer, Mary Shelly faced challenges in gaining acceptance and reverence from some of her male counterparts. But as time passed, especially since the mid-20th century, "Frankenstein" has received generally positive reviews. It is widely considered one of the seminal works in gothic-, science-fiction-, and romantic literature.

Two iconic additions to Frankenstein lore came in the 1930s, with the movies "Bride of Frankenstein" and its sequel "Son of Frankenstein." While some stories would stick more closely to Mary Shelly's source material, others would take a more modern approach, adding new layers to the Frankenstein world, including time travel, superhuman abilities, and world domination.

Read the book!

Odds are you haven't read the original since 10th-grade English class. August 30 is an excuse to crack open a classic and take yourself on a trip to the 1700s and the mind of Victor Frankenstein. At 280 pages, it's a relatively quick read that you can finish over a few days.

Get an early start on Halloween

You still have eight weeks before Halloween and what better way to celebrate than to dress up as the monster himself? Better yet, find a friend and coordinate going together as both Victor and his monster. The two months of prep will give you plenty of time to design the perfect costume for that Halloween party.

Do some baking

Frankenstein-shaped cookies and cakes have become all the rage lately. If there is a type of sweet you love, we can guarantee there is a Frankenstein-themed recipe out there. Whether it's ginger cookies, birthday cakes, or licorice, the internet has you covered. Dim the lights and turn on some spooky music if you really  recreate that gothic, science-fiction feel while you bake.

"There is love in me the likes of which you've never seen. There is rage in me the likes of which should never escape. If I am not satisfied in the one, I will indulge the other."

~ Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

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