Today's Kindness #170: September 19, 2022


Respect Your Elders! 🧓👵

Today is National Respect for the Aged Day!

Senior citizens have a lifetime of experiences to reflect on. Listen & learn.

With years comes wisdom. Elderly people have some of the best stories and give great advice - ask someone to share their story. Whether it's a grandparent or someone you just met, there is a lot we can learn from those that are older than us.

10 questions you could ask to spark conversation:

  1. What is one of your happiest memories?
  2. Who has influenced you the most in your lifetime?
  3. What is something you have learned about living a happy life that you didn't know thirty years ago?
  4. Who were your friends growing up?
  5. Is there anything you wish you could tell the entire world?
  6. What world events had the biggest impact on you?
  7. What was your first job?
  8. What was school like for you when you were younger?
  9. What are some things you enjoy doing now?
  10. Who were your heroes and role models while you were growing up?

"Just as kids need to learn to respect their elders, we are a society that increasingly respects our youth."

~ Faith Salie

Song Of The Day: