Today's Kindness #197: October 21, 2022


✉️✍🏼Write a Handwritten Letter✍🏼✉️(T-4 Days)

T-3 days until our 200th "Today's Kindness"! For today's activity, compete in The Kindness Games! Also, check out today's thank you to a great organization on our FB or IG!

Happy Everyone Writes Day! Here is a kindness idea about writing!

When was the last time you received a handwritten note? Let's change that.

There's something about a handwritten note that just feels more meaningful than a text or email. It's personal and something that you can hang on to forever! Next time you want to share an appreciation for someone, do it the old-school way, and get out your pen and paper and start writing. Way to be a world-changing wordsmith.

"To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine!"

~ Susan Lendroth

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