Today's Kindness: April 23, 2022


Be Kind To Your Server

Have you ever heard of "The Waiter Rule"? It says that the way someone treats the wait staff at a restaurant shows how they often feel about and treat those perceived to be of a lower status. On the other hand, those who are kind, considerate, and appreciative of their wait staff are often happier and more successful in their lives.

Make a little effort to make eye contact with the person serving you. Smile. Ask how they are doing. They are often dealing with many things 'behind the scenes' both personally and in their job that the customer never knows about. Be compassionate if your food doesn't come out as quickly as you'd like. Sometimes, they are short-staffed or the cooks are backed up in the kitchen. And, make sure to tip your server. They live on those tips!

"How others treat the CEO says nothing, they say. But how others treat the waiter is like a magical window into the soul." 

- Del Jones

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