Today's Kindness #132: July 30, 2022


Thank You For Being A Friend!

Today is National Golden Girls Day! Coincidentally, It's also International Friendship Day and National Cheesecake Day! 

The Golden Girls was a show that ran from 1985 to 1992, that told the stories of 4 elderly ladies who all lived together, Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, & Sophia. Whether it was a St. Olaf story about the Great Herring War or a horror story from Shady Pines, the girls taught many life lessons of love, friendship, and cheesecake. 

The Golden Girls stands out for being one of the last sitcoms where progressive values were part of the show's DNA. The show has tackled many issues from the real world such as LGBTQ+ rights, racism, aging with dignity, poverty, the AIDS epidemic, and female empowerment.

Celebrate today with your golden girls with a binge-watching marathon with cheesecakes and Rose's Genurkenflurgen Cake.

"As they say in St. Olaf: "Helgenbargenflergenflurfennerfen.""

~ Betty White as "Rose Nylund"

Song Of The Day: