A Kindness A Day

How We Started

I, Devin Klock,  proudly started A Kindness A Day in Pueblo, Colorado in February 2022. It started out as just a concept for my January monthly meeting for the Pueblo CTC Youth Action Board.

I decided to make this Be Kind Campaign to make people include more kindness and positivity in their life.

Please join us on our journey to a kinder world.

Please share with your family and friends and motivate them to include kindness in their life!

The Importance of Being Kind

When we practice kindness either to other people or towards ourselves we can experience positive mental and physical changes through lowering stress levels and increasing the body's production of feel-good hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. Being kind helps boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and reduce stress and anxiety.

Kindness Statistics

According to research from Emory University, when you are kind to another person, your brain's pleasure and reward centers light up, as if you were the recipient of the good deed-not the giver. This phenomenon is called the "helper's high."

A 2010 Harvard Business School survey of happiness in 136 countries found that people who are altruistic-in this case, people who were generous financially, such as with charitable donations-were happiest overall.

A group of highly anxious individuals performed at least six acts of kindness a week. After one month, there was a significant increase in positive moods, relationship satisfaction and a decrease in social avoidance in socially anxious individuals. (University of British Columbia Study)