Today's Kindness #182: October 4, 2022


🦁🐻Be Kind To The Animals!🐢🐱

World Animal Day on October 4th each year focuses on improving the welfare of animals around the world.

Sadly, animals around the world are abused or killed illegally on a daily basis. Illegal hunting contributes to the endangerment of certain animal species. Animals are also abused in other ways. Inhumane testing and research on animals. Domestically, owners who neglect, abuse, or abandon their pets lead to multiple issues. Concerned animal lovers want to put a stop to all forms of animal abuse. Their goal is to improve animal welfare to ensure animals are treated humanely.

Many animal lovers belong to animal welfare organizations. These people address the health, safety, and psychological wellness of all animals. There are also animal rights groups. People in these groups advocate for the rights of animals. Some people consider them an advocate of both - animal welfare and animal rights. There are hundreds of these organizations all over the world. Humane societies, animal rescue groups, and animal sanctuaries are just a few of the many groups that care for animals.

On World Animal Day, animal rights groups and animal welfare organizations host a variety of events across the globe. On this day, some people take the opportunity to lobby for animal welfare laws in their community. Other types of events include:

  • Peaceful protests to raise awareness for animal welfare issues.
  • Rabies awareness and prevention
  • Spay & neuter marathons
  • Animal blessing services
  • Pet adoption day
  • Educational seminars

Animal lovers will want to participate. Find an event in your area. Check with your local zoo, veterinary clinic, or agricultural school to see what kinds of events they are hosting. Give your pets an extra treat. Encourage everyone around you to be kind to animals. Make a donation to one of the many animal welfare organizations or animal rights groups throughout the world. Volunteer at your local humane society. Spread awareness about animal welfare by posting a video online or writing a blog post. Share the day on social media with #WorldAnimalDay.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

~ Anatole France

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