Today's Kindness #190: October 13, 2022


🤓🧠Train Your Brain🧠🤓 (T-10 Days)

"T-10 days till what?" you may ask. Well, our 200th 'Today's Kindness'! That's right! We have been posting for almost 200 days now! In honor of this occasion, we will be posting a thank you on our social media to different people/groups that have helped AKAD become what it has! We will also be posting a special activity you can do that is based on 'Today's Kindness'! As today is about training your brain, here is a crossword with an 'AKAD' theme! *

*Answers can be found around the AKAD website as well as by searching through our social media.

On October 13th, National Train Your Brain Day challenges us to some puzzling games and riddles! Whether you play solo or go up against teams, the day improves your thinking power. Today, we are kind to your mind!

Exercising the brain is important. Routine activities don't keep the mind sharp. This day encourages us to expand and exercise our brain and use more of its potential capacity. To do that, we need to break out of our routines and try new activities or relearn old ones. We'll work on our cognitive skills. To do this, try reading or word puzzles. Number games and brainteasers also improve cognition. Riddles and word games challenge areas of the brain we don't use every day.

Learning something new is another practice that benefits the brain, too. When we learn a new skill, we focus and tap into our problem-solving abilities. If we're doing the same thing every day, we're probably not solving too many problems. The brain gets bored. You'd get bored, too if you watched the same episode of the same TV show every day.

Do some logic puzzles, brainteasers, and riddles to train your brain. Other fun ways to train your brain include:

  • Download a brain training app. These technologies offer a variety of ways to test your brain.
  • Mix up your routine. If you always do a crossword puzzle, try a different type of word game or number puzzle.
  • Expand your interests. Take a cooking class or music lessons. Both will help improve your brain as you learn new skills.
  • Take a different route to the grocery store or to work. You may discover changes to your neighborhood but you'll also be giving your brain an opportunity to shake out some of the rust.
  • Use #TrainYourBrainDay to post on social media.

"Removing old conditionings from the mind and training the mind to be more equanimous with every experience is the first step toward enabling one to experience true happiness."

~ S. N. Goenka

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