Today's Kindness #196: October 20, 2022


💪🏼Have Youth Confidence!💪🏼

(T-4 Days)

T-4 days until our 200th "Today's Kindness"! For today's activity, here are some kindness ideas if you ever need some! Also, check out today's thank you to a great organization on our FB or IG!

Building a framework of positive role models is vital to developing responsible, confident young adults. Incidentally, National Youth Confidence Day, on October 20, encourages us to connect and inspire today's youth for tomorrow's success.

National Youth Confidence Day celebrates the energy, spirit, and potential of young people. The day is an acknowledgment of all they will accomplish, respectively. Guidance, leadership, and mentors will help light the path, indeed. In addition, today's youth will navigate the obstacles that will inevitably lay before them.

Take the opportunity to welcome a young person into your life and accept their mistakes. Interestingly, their mistakes will be similar to ones you've made yourself. Offer encouragement that these mistakes are merely lessons. Therefore, let them know they will only need to learn from them and gain experience to attain their goals. Share your wisdom and listen to their fears. Celebrate their successes and help them to learn from their defeats, respectively.

  • Share Stories From Youth Who Inspire You

Hearing about youth inspires us to feel more confident. Share a story about a young person who inspires you. From overcoming an obstacle or achieving academic success, to helping someone in the community, it's all about being uniquely them. Especially, highlight their inspiration by using #NationalYouthConfidenceDay.

  • Show Off Your Most Confident Youth

Post photos and videos of your youth, friends, and anyone who exudes confidence, inner beauty, or self-worth. Use #NationalYouthConfidenceDay to share on social media.

  • Be Confidently Creative

Show a young person in your life you care. Provide them with the tools to reach their potential. Most importantly, offer them the knowledge, skills, and know-how to build their confidence. Above all, by planting a seed and watching it grow, you celebrate its achievement.

"Have confidence in the young people, give them a chance, and they will surprise you."

~ Kofi Annan

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