Today's Kindness #200: October 25, 2022


200 Acts Of Kindness

Today marks an amazing milestone. The 200th act of kindness.

That's right. We've been posting for 200 days now. 200 different ways on how we can be kind.

This page started as just a thought in my head in December of last year. I was thinking about what I could do as my passion project for the year for my group, Pueblo CTC. I had noticed that there was a lot of hatred in the world and wanted to change that. I thought that there was no better way to do that than by being kind.

Early drafts of the website came and went. Then, the Lavender, White, & Pink color scheme came into play. These three colors each represent a different thing. Lavender represents calmness. White represents peace. Pink represents kindness.

We launched on February 17, to coincide with Random Acts of Kindness Day. View the original website from that day here! Since that day, we have grown so much and it is all thanks to you. Without your support, we couldn't have done it.

Now, what is the 200th kindness?

It's to care.

We celebrate National I Care About You Day on October 25 so plan something special for your friends and family! This is the day when we honor everyone in our life for no other reason but to tell them we are grateful. Although this holiday was most recently launched in 2016, this day is highly popularized through social media tags and post shares. Scroll down to learn more inventive ways how to celebrate those who make life more beautiful.

Let's be honest: We could easily make a case that National I Care About You Day should sit atop a list of the most important days of the year. Why? Though it was only started in 2016, what other holiday more perfectly speaks to the human condition? Money's nice to have. Vacations are fun. And driving around in a new car makes us feel good - temporarily. None of it matters at the end though. Without love (both romantic and platonic), friendships, and/or family - we're doomed.

How To Celebrate:

  1. Throw a Party for Everyone

    You can invite your favorite pals over for a movie marathon, or a game night. Go big or small, it does not matter, as long as everyone you want to honor is present for a good time.

  2. Send out cards to loved ones

    Handwritten notes are so rare, but they never go out of style. Writing intimate words of inspiration and love will last a lifetime. This gift is not only for family members and friends, but even that one co-worker who makes the workplace inviting.

  3. Shout your love to the world

    Just use the hashtag "#NationalICareAboutYouDay" and read all the other emotional posts online with your friends. This, along with a good meal, is a sure way to bond with those you care about the most.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

~ Leo Buscaglia

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