Today's Kindness #208: November 3, 2022


💵Give Someone A Dollar💵

Give Someone a Dollar Day takes place on November 3 every year. It's a good day to give a dollar to someone. Despite the fact that a dollar appears to be worthless these days, there are still some things that a dollar can buy. On this day, you can give a dollar to someone you know or someone you've never met. You can also give a dollar to anyone who appears to be in need or deserves it.

Give Someone a Dollar Day is a reminder of the value of the dollar bill and the symbolic act of giving to others. It is a time to act on one of the most basic and often disregarded aspects of human nature - kindness.

You may not give much to the person to whom you are giving the dollar; they may not even need it, but it is the act of kindness that counts. You can rally your friends and family to join you in your giving spree, or you can start a donation pot and donate the proceeds to a charity.

How To Observe:

  1. Give Someone a Dollar

    Give someone a dollar to commemorate the occasion. You could give a dollar to several people if you're feeling charitable.

  2. Donate to Charity

    Speaking of charity - instead of handing out a dollar to random people or a friend, you could donate it to a charity. You can make this a daily donation and really make a difference in the long run.

  3. Spread the Word

    Don't just hand over a dollar and leave. You should inform them of the commemoration and persuade them to join in.

"Don't be selfish, be selfless"

- Bianca Martinez

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