Today's Kindness #248: December 29, 2022


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In our quest to show you content creators that want to promote good, we head to the ship of dreams!

Titanicfan97 (@titanicfan97) is a TikToker with over 73,000 followers with one goal in mind: To collect as many copies of Titanic on VHS as he can!

Today we're talking to him about his love for Titanic and spreading love through his TikTok community.

*All video credits go to @titanicfan97 on TikTok!*

1. With every interview that we do, we always ask, "What is a random act of kindness you have read, seen, or experienced?"

  • "September 1st, 1998 I experienced one of the kindest acts of kindness in my life. James Cameron released Titanic on VHS worldwide! That was so cool of him."

2. Why did you start collecting copies of Titanic on VHS?

  • "Titanic on VHS is a legendary tape. Everybody had this 2 cassette masterpiece in the 90s and it was for a good reason. The movie slaps. Once Titanic on DVD showed up on the scene, many people donated their copies of it on VHS to thrift stores. You could find hundreds of copies at pretty much every thrift store in any area. I found a row of Titanic on display at a Hospice one day and knew what had to be done. Thus began my journey."

3. When did your obsession with Titanic start?

  • "I saw Titanic on the big screen when it came out in 1997. It was a big deal to a lot of people. The movie was truly a masterpiece and stuck with me for a long time. And have you ever seen Jack Dawson? Me-ow!"

4. How many copies of Titanic do you currently own?

  • "I currently have 889 copies of Titanic on VHS." (At the time of this post, he now has 928 copies)

5. How has your TikTok community helped your journey to have the most copies of Titanic on VHS?

  • "I had just over 100 copies of Titanic on VHS in February 2022 when I joined TikTok. I expressed my mission to obtain the world's largest collection and opened a P.O. Box. Within days I started receiving a few packages containing Titanic on VHS. I now receive hundreds of packages and couldn't be more thankful. I really wouldn't have made it this far and this quick without the help of my amazing community."

6. What message do you hope to spread to the world through the power of Titanic?

  • "Do what makes you happy and never give up. James Cameron didn't make Titanic in a day. Things take time and there will be highs and lows. Keep your head up and try to make the world a better place. Spread that positivity baby!"
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Thank you Titanicfan97 for answering our questions and being a great TikToker!

We send you luck in having the largest collection of Titanic on VHS! Say hi to Jack Dawson for us! 

"Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens. No matter how hopeless."

~ Jack Dawson in 'Titanic'

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