Today's Kindness #252: January 12, 2023


How Are Those Resolutions Going?🎆

Stick to your New Year's Resolution Day is observed on January 12.

It's almost halfway through January, and we're already starting to break our New Year resolutions. If you, like us, could do with a renewed commitment to goals - today's a great day to begin. Contrary to popular opinion, most people succeed at keeping New Year's resolutions. Don't believe us? Many polls out there showcase wills of steel and endless possibility. It's proof that adults (68% to be precise) can make and successfully smash their goals. Let's celebrate sticking to our resolutions today and every day.

Today's resolutions reflect a different kind of self-improvement. We find people resolving to stay fit or do more things they love. Although seemingly self-indulgent, these resolutions aren't all that different from historical precedent. Bettering one's self forms the core of any resolution. All anyone wants is a clean slate.

On Stick to your New Year's Resolution Day, remember that we're in it together. So, keep at it! Isn't it amazing how people everywhere unknowingly follow a tradition that's as old as time?

How To Stick To Your Resolutions:

  1. Make Yourself Accountable

    It's hard to stick to the promises you make to yourself. We've found that sharing resolutions with a close friend or family member help. Ask them to check in with you periodically on how things are going.

  2. Keep Things Simple

    A long list of everything you want to achieve can end up being overwhelming. Focus on one or two goals instead. You can then break them down into weekly, monthly, or yearly milestones.

  3. Set Specific Goals

    Saying "I want to exercise more" is vague and doesn't offer a concrete starting point. Spell out the details. "I will work out three times a week" might be more helpful. It's specific and allows you to track your progress. 

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other."

~ Abraham Lincoln

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