Today's Kindness #268: February 6, 2023


💬🥰Pay a Compliment🥰💬

Pay a Compliment Day is every year on February 6. Nothing cheers a person up quite like hearing someone say something nice about you. It's time to return the favor on Pay a Compliment Day and although we shouldn't need a special day to show our appreciation, most of us need a little nudge, right? We've often walked away from interactions wishing we had said what was in our hearts. "Will I embarrass myself?" "Is it appropriate?" All questions that plague what should be a simple articulation of the heart. Let's redeem ourselves on Pay a Compliment Day.

Paying an honest compliment is more difficult than it sounds. Some people are so over the top with the gesture that it loses meaning while others use them too sparingly. Only a few know how to express themselves openly and naturally.

A good compliment comes from a genuine source of admiration and recognition. If you mean what you say, and it's polite and pure, the compliment you deliver will always be good.

Activities For Today:

  1. Say Something Nice

    Find something nice to say and mean it. Start with everyone at home, send messages to friends you haven't seen in a while, and extend a compliment to an unsuspecting neighbor.

  2. Drive-by Compliment Challenge

    This won't be a new concept if you're a regular on social media. For the uninitiated, the challenge is to drive around and pay compliments to strangers en route. The genuine surprise and happiness on people's faces are priceless.

  3. Compliment Yourself

    In giving love and praise to others, remember to acknowledge yourself. Give yourself credit for how far you've come.

"Try your hardest to be confident in who you are. You are enough - you are beautiful."

~ Meagan Tandy

Song Of The Day: