Today's Kindness #270: February 8, 2023


😂Laugh & Get Rich😂

Laugh and Get Rich Day is celebrated every year on February 8. It is a day to laugh and enjoy the many benefits that laughter brings. The biggest benefit of laughter is that it improves our health. Laughing can elevate our mood, lower stress, and blood pressure, and strengthen the immune system. In this way, laughter makes us rich because health is wealth, after all! But laughter can also contribute to our financial gains by enriching our professional lives. Those who laugh often tend to be happier - happy workers are more productive and are liked by coworkers.

Activities For Today:

  1. Laugh Out Loud

    Don't forget to laugh with your loved ones this Laugh and Get Rich Day. Tell each other jokes, watch a funny movie, or simply spend time with each other.

  2. Exchange Funny Messages

    Share memes and exchange funny messages. You can also forward funny videos and audio clips.

  3. Spread The Message On Social Media

    Post on social media to let more people know about Laugh and Get Rich Day. Encourage people to post something funny.

"Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it."

~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

Song Of The Day: