Today's Kindness #272: February 10, 2023


🎄💌Happy Valentismas💌🎄

Valentismas is celebrated every year on February 10. A portmanteau of Christmas and Valentine's Day, the day is observed on a day between the two occasions. Valentismas is supposed to be a stress-free day when families and friends get together to celebrate their love. Since it's only a few weeks after Christmas, the festive spirit is still in the air and everyone is getting ready for the Valentine's Day celebration. This is the perfect day to look back on the wonderful time of Christmas and participate in the season of love. Soak in the love of Valentismas with those closest to you.

Valentismas Activities:

  1. Get Together With Your Family

    Celebrate Valentismas with your friends and family. The day is all about getting together with your loved ones and enjoying their company. You can also get gifts and flowers for your loved ones.

  2. Throw A Party

    A great way to celebrate Valentismas is by throwing a party for all your friends. Since everyone is in the mood to celebrate the month of love, add to the joy with a love-themed party!

  3. Visit A Hospital

    Valentismas was born out of a family coping with grief. You may celebrate Valentismas by visiting a hospital or hospice. Spread the cheer of Valentismas with gifts, chocolates, and flowers.

Why We Love Valentismas:

  1. A Day Of Love

    Valentismas is a day to celebrate love. You can celebrate the day with your partner, family, and anyone you love. It's always nice to remind ourselves of the love that we are surrounded by.

  2. A Day To Say Thanks

    Our lives are happy and full of love thanks to all the wonderful people who bring us joy and comfort us in tough times. You can also observe Valentismas by saying thanks to all your loved ones.

  3. Helps Us Grieve

    Valentismas helps us grieve. Many families observe the day by remembering their loved ones who aren't around anymore. Valentismas is a reminder that grief is also a form of love, and there's no shame in sadness.

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."

~ Victor Hugo

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