Today's Kindness #280: February 22, 2023


😌Be Humble😌

On Be Humble Day, celebrated on February 22, people across the world, irrespective of their religion, culture, and philosophy, come together and stress the importance of humility. Many great personalities say that humility is the most difficult of all virtues to attain. Either way, Be Humble Day focuses on the importance of being humble.

Being humble is more than not boasting about one's own life and achievements, it is all about listening to others, accepting our errors and weaknesses, and working on them to get better. This is exactly what Be Humble Day advocates.

But unfortunately, in most cases, humble people receive a bad rap. This is due to a misconception that humility is associated with being too passive, submissive, or insecure - this is far from true. Humble people are quite the opposite, full of confidence and belief in themselves. So, they are eager to help others and hear others out.

By being humble, one can achieve many things including higher self-control and joy. So, this Be Humble day, practice humility by just being humble and silent!

  1. Be Humble

    Being humble is the best way to celebrate Be Humble Day. Even if it's difficult for you to suddenly achieve this virtue, try to practice humility for a day and then better yourself.

  2. Encourage Others

    Being humble is not just about yourself, you can also encourage others to be humble and give the appreciation they deserve for their achievements and humility.

  3. Share Your Favorite Humility Story

    Being humble is an art form - if you have any interesting stories where you stayed humble in an extraordinary situation, share your story with others and inspire them!

"In reality, humility means nothing other than complete honesty about yourself."

~ William Countryman

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