Today's Kindness #284: February 26, 2023


💜Set A Good Example💜

When we observe kindness in others, we are often inspired to offer kindness ourselves. Someone set a good example for us to follow, and we must continue those good examples for others in our lives. National Set A Good Example Day on February 26th encourages us to set a good example that inspires others.

Everyone influences others. The influence could be positive or negative. Even from a young age, we experience good and bad behavior. Parents can positively influence their children at an early age. Additionally, many others, such as our extended families, educators, mentors, community leaders, and even organizations, can positively influence us in many ways. Some of the ways we can easily set a good example include:

  • Demonstrating kindness.
  • Being compassionate.
  • Acting with fairness.
  • Practicing tolerance.
  • Being just.
  • Treating others with respect.

These good examples reflect a person's values and positively affect them and others. Setting a good example can be applied in every setting, including home, school, work, and in the community at large.

National Set a Good Example Day encourages everyone to demonstrate thoughtfulness, courtesy, graciousness, and common sense values and virtues in their daily lives.

Get caught helping another person. Wear an attitude of respect for other human beings. Develop the tools in yourself to be efficient, productive, and responsible, and let others see you using these tools. You can also:

  • Share the good examples you find valuable in your life.
  • Recognize good examples at work, home, school, and in your community.
  • Be a good example. Demonstrate positive virtues every day so others can benefit. They will be more likely to set a good example themselves.
  • Celebrate others who set good examples. Let them know how their leadership impacts your life.
  • Follow the conversation and learn more by using #SetAGoodExampleDay on social media.

"A good example has twice the value of good advice"

~ Albert Schweitzer

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