Today's Kindness #297: March 24, 2023



International Day for Achievers is celebrated globally on March 24. 

This day honors and acknowledges those who have made significant contributions in their chosen fields. Today is the day to pay homage to the innovators, doctors, scientists, professors, politicians, activists, or artists without whose achievements and service, the world would be a much more difficult place to live in.

  1. Acknowledge An Achiever

    If you know someone who always goes the distance to help others or improve the lives of others in your organization, or someone who has performed honorable service in your community but has never been acknowledged for it, use this day to acknowledge, celebrate, and pay tribute to them. If you are a teacher, school administrator, or professor, you can award exemplary students for their extraordinary accomplishments from the previous school year.

  2. Encourage Others

    There's an achiever in everyone, irrespective of our different fields of specialization and diverse careers. If you know anyone struggling near you in their careers, education, marriage, and other endeavors, reach out to them to motivate and remind them of the achiever in them. Send a card, an inspirational book, or call, or text someone you think needs some words of encouragement today!

  3. Reflect On Your Achievements

    On this day, take a step back and examine your own experiences, and how far you've come to become who you are. While your achievements may seem so insignificant to you, today, pat yourself on the back and celebrate the achiever in you. Don't forget that, while you may not be where you want just yet, you're well on the way to impacting your world and becoming a better person.

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."

~ William Arthur Ward

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