Today's Kindness #307: April 6, 2023


📚"Shhhh!...You're In A Library"📚

National Library Day is celebrated every year on 6 April. The celebrations are a part of National Library Week, organized by the American Library Association. Throughout the week, and especially on this day, people come together to celebrate the crucial roles that libraries and librarians play in our society. It's also the day to reflect on the importance of reading and how essential it is to make books accessible and affordable for every reader. A well-stocked library can introduce readers to many new worlds and helps them become more informed citizens. Libraries are also great community spaces where people can gather to exchange ideas and learn together.

Since their inception, almost every great civilization has built libraries. They became great repositories of knowledge, and a few ancient libraries live on even today. The goal of these libraries was to collect knowledge and distribute it for use in everyday life. Special importance was given to books on agriculture, architecture, medicine, art, manufacturing, war, and topics concerning the betterment of life. As the years went by, people realized the benefits of having publicly accessible centers of knowledge, and libraries became an important feature in cities and towns across the world.

As the influence of the Internet grew, many believed that there would no longer be a need for libraries, but history has proved otherwise, as libraries continue to flourish and are now more popular than ever! Not everything can be found on the Internet, and a good amount of information is still available only on paper, and despite the convenience of the world wide web, people still like to physically visit a library and spend time among books and other readers.

Activities For Today:

  1. Get A Library Membership

    Celebrate National Library Day by getting a membership at your local library. Also encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and children to get their own memberships.

  2. Donate Books

    You can also celebrate National Library Day by donating books to your local libraries. You can donate new books, give away old copies, or even purchase Ebooks on behalf of your local libraries.

  3. Thank A Librarian

    A library is nothing without its librarians. They keep stock of the books, help readers find the resources they need, and of course, always greet us with warm smiles. Remember to thank a librarian for everything that they do on National Library Day.

"Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life."

~ Sidney Sheldon

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