Today's Kindness #315: April 20, 2023


✋🏼High Five!✋🏼

Up high! Make sure to give a "high five" to everyone you meet on April 20, because it's National High Five Day.

How did this all start? Depends on whom you ask. We're going with the baseball story that dates back to 1977 when Dodgers Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke gave each other a high-five in celebration. Baker's home run had just made L.A. the first team in history to have four hitters with at least 30 home runs in a single season.

Today people everywhere use it to mean "Congratulations!" or "Great job!" We're still quite nostalgic for the "low five," of course, which may have originated back in the 1920s.

  1. Raise Your Hand Up High

    Smile. Swing your arm forward. Smack! If you've done it right, your palm should hit their palm, providing you with a resounding 'thwack' sound.

  2. Teach A Kid The Art Of The High Five

    There is nothing more fun than teaching a baby a new trick. This National High Five Day, find a baby, maybe yours or maybe another friend's baby, and teach them the art of saying hi with their hands.

  3. Teach A Dog To High Five

    Okay, actually, teaching a baby a trick is fun but teaching a dog is even more fun! Find a dog and teach them to say hi with their paws!

"Breathe when you strive, Breathe when to your success, you give a high-five, Breathe because you are still alive!"

~ Somya Kedia

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