Today's Kindness #343: June 20, 2023


💪🏼Be Productive💪🏼

World Productivity Day takes place every year on June 20. Have you been breezing through tasks like an absolute champ? Use this day to pat yourself on the back and celebrate every achievement. Do you feel like you can never get things done on time? Today's a good day to consider why and change things up. Either way, remember to acknowledge every success — even seemingly insignificant ones.

The reality is that people are wildly different; so are personal views on productivity. To some, it means efficiently juggling work and home. Business leaders might define it as rallying everyone to a shared goal. If you're a creator, ample time for rumination and debate also counts as productivity.

What motivates us each day rarely manifests as spreadsheets, calendars, or planners. These are tools that can help us achieve what we want. Meaningful productivity goes far beyond. It's about making informed choices — the art of balancing both professional and personal goals.

Getting more things done is only one part of it. Ultimately, we want to be productive to have enough time for all the things we love.

Start by defining what productivity means to you. You may want more money, or perhaps more vacation time. But what's driving it? Adventure? Are you caring for your family? Connecting it to a passion can flip perspectives and how you approach each day. On World Productivity Day, let's ask ourselves these questions. Today is about inspiring everyone to be better versions of themselves.

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