Today's Kindness #386: September 18, 2023


🤗Be Respectful🤗

'RESPECT' — these seven letters spell out something we all aspire to get and are taught to give out; see how National Respect Day encourages us to be more respectful to everyone and help others do the same on September 18 each year.

The significance of respect and self-respect is why most ancient and modern philosophers — particularly moral and political philosophers — are so drawn to these concepts. Respect and self-respect — as concepts — have shown up in discussions about justice and equality, cultural diversity and toleration, punishment, and political violence. The theory of respect is central to many ethical debates as well, with some believing it is the very essence of morality and others basing it as the foundation of other moral philosophies.

How To Celebrate:

  1. Be More Respectful

    Boost your efforts to be caring and polite to others. You can go all out on this day by treating your partner to a special meal, taking time to visit your loved ones, and simply acknowledging the work others put in to improve your life.

  2. Listen To Aretha Franklin's Hit Song

    'Respect' topped the charts in the 1960s and was the feminist anthem for the next decade. You even have various options to try out; this song has been covered many times since then by singers like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and Kelly Clarkson.

  3. Think About Our Treatment Of Others

    This day pushes everyone to reflect deeply on how we treat the people in our lives and make changes wherever necessary.

"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners."

~ Laurence Sterne

Song Of The Day: