Today's Kindness #432: January 11, 2024


😄Thank You😄

International Thank-You Day is celebrated yearly on January 11.

It is a day that serves as a reminder that we ought to express our gratitude to those who have made our lives better in some way. What better month to reflect on this than the beginning of the year? We often forget to say "Thank you" because we take it for granted or assume that others know how we feel. This day was founded to recognize the importance of always saying thank you.

Why We Say Thank You:

  1. It's good manners

    It reminds us of basic decency. Treating and talking to others well is a sign of respect.

  2. It warms the heart

    Sincere words of thanks bring comfort to whoever hears them This is a practice that is not only great for today but every day.

  3. It keeps us mindful

    It's easy to take people and acts of kindness for granted. This day helps us be more aware of those who help make life a little better for us every day.

Activities To Try Today:

  1. Send Thank You E-Cards

    Send a surprise to your friends' inboxes! Imagine their delight to find a thank you card amidst work-related emails.

  2. Say, "I'm Grateful"

    These are magical words. Saying I am grateful helps to strengthen relationships, and savor positive experiences.

  3. Fill a Jar with Thank-You Notes

    Write little notes of gratitude for a special person and place them in a jar. They can pick a note to read to get an instant boost of positive energy for the day.

"Life is such a gift, I just say thank you all day."

~ Natalie Cole

Song Of The Day: