Today's Kindness #466: May 31, 2024



Before we start Today's Kindness, Welcome to the 3rd Annual AKAD Smile Awards! Our award show celebrating #NationalSmileDay on May 31. This is our 6-day showcase of 7 individuals/organizations who have shown the power of kindness in the last year. Head to our social media to see the Grateful Grad Award recipients.

Happy National Smile Day!

Smiling at and with other people - whether they be friends and family or strangers that we come across on the street - releases a host of great hormones in our bodies, which enhance everyone's health. Stress levels are lowered, thus reducing any related chance of inflammation and pain.

Countless studies have shown that the very act of seeing another person smile triggers an automatic muscular response that produces a smile on our face. Yes, smiling is contagious, and science has demonstrated that time and time again.

By smiling at others, you can contribute to their happiness and their health can make them feel rewarded and create strong and long-lasting bonds and relationships.

"I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite."

~ Will Ferrell as 'Buddy The Elf'

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