Today's Kindness #470: June 27, 2024


📬💌Send a Card to a Friend💌📬

Have you ever gotten excited when you opened the mailbox and found a handwritten card or letter? We all love getting items in the mail. But why? Perhaps it's the time it takes to sit down in our busy lives and write the card. Perhaps it's the fact that the person was thinking about you when they selected the card. Perhaps it's the quaintness of receiving something so physical in our age of rapid digital and instant gratification. Whatever the reason. it's the perfect time to send someone a card!

Activities for Today:

  1. Pick Out A Fun Card For A Friend

    Half of the fun in sending a card is picking out the perfect one for your pal. Do they love pirates? Do they go scuba diving? Are they into silly cards? Take some time out to pick the one you know they'll love!

  2. Send That Card!

    Just do it! take the time out of your day and sit down on your lunch break to write a card to that friend on the other side of the country. You'll be glad you did.

  3. Have Fun With The Stamp

    Did you know the post office is constantly coming out with fun and exciting new stamps? Vintage circus, movies, famous people, flowers, animals: they have them all. Check with your local post office and find a stamp that matches your card to a T.

"Keep in touch with people, especially at the time they are needed."

~ Israelmore Ayivor

Song Of The Day: