Today's Kindness #474: July 4, 2024


🎇🗽Happy 4th🌭🎆

It's time to celebrate! We're ready to grab some cool watermelon, lay out a blanket, and catch our local fireworks display on the Fourth of July. Here are some kind acts you can do this Independence Day:

Advocate - The day to celebrate our country is also a great opportunity to advocate for the social issues you are passionate about. Post about the issues that need to be fixed. Email or send a letter to your elected official. Donate to an organization that is a big voice in your cause. Fight for what you believe in.

Be a parade buddy - Fourth of July parades and the best viewing spots along the route are incredibly popular. Do your friends and neighbors kindness and get up early to save their spot for prime viewing of the procession. Don't forget some cool bottles of water to stay hydrated!

Pass out flags - What would the Fourth of July be without the American flag? Help everyone feel festive by passing out mini flags to those along the parade route or anyone stopping by your BBQ. They'll love the patriotic kindness and you'll love seeing everyone waving their mini flag!

Ear protection - Gathering to witness fireworks displays is a quintessential way to celebrate America's independence. While beautiful and awe-inspiring, the shows can be quite loud with the blasts of fireworks and music. Bring some extra earplugs to your local fireworks show and pass them out to others - especially kids.

We all scream - BBQs are traditional, but you can sweeten your celebration by inviting friends and family for an ice cream social. So many flavors! So many toppings! You'll be the talk of the town. For a patriotic twist, add snow cones with red and blue flavoring to the menu.

Give your time - Cities around the country offer many different ways to celebrate the day. Volunteer your time and help out with an event that speaks to you. You'll be part of making someone's Fourth of July the best day of summer!

Send a care package - Help troops celebrate the day by sending a Fourth of July-themed care package. Include watermelon-flavored candy, popcorn, and a DVD of a recently released blockbuster or anything you think might remind them of home. Don't forget to include a mini flag! Or, if you're not sure where to send a care package, you can check out organizations like Any Soldier, Soldier's Angels, Operation Gratitude, and Operation: Care and Comfort to provide a donation or sponsor a care package.

Shop Independent - July is also Independent Retailer Month. Celebrate our nation's independence by helping a local retailer achieve theirs through supporting their business. You can do this all month, not just for your Fourth of July celebrations!

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July with an explosion of kindness?

"America's a family. We all yell at each other, and it sometimes works out."

~ Louis C.K.

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